The Carpet Cleaning Process – How Professionals Do It

October 5 2023

For a carpet to be properly rejuvenated and spotless, it’s imperative to comprehend the nuances of the carpet cleaning process. Professional carpet cleaning entails a rigorous set of processes to ensure deep cleaning, stain removal, and the general regeneration of your carpets.

In this blog, the team at Enviropure Home Services will go in-depth on the major steps in the carpet cleaning process, illuminating each action that industry professionals do to give your floor coverings a fresh coat of paint.

The Carpet Cleaning Process: Step-By-Step

From pre-inspection all the way to having a beautiful, like-new carpet, these are the steps that professionals cleaning companies go through to clean a carpet:

Carpet Cleaning Inspection


The first step for expert carpet cleaners is to examine the carpets.

Professional cleaners will evaluate the carpet’s general condition, identify the different types of fibres, make note of any damage or repairs that are required, and choose the appropriate cleaning procedure based on these considerations during this pre-inspection. 


The carpets are meticulously vacuumed before any deep cleaning can take place. The removal of loose dirt, dust, pet hair, and other debris from the surface and carpet fibres during this process is essential. It is important to remove as much dry soil as possible with a strong vacuum in order to make the subsequent cleaning procedure more efficient.


Areas with heavy staining or high-traffic zones are pre-treated with specialized cleaning solutions. These pre-treatments aid in their breakdown to make difficult stains, grease, and filth simpler to remove during the actual cleaning process. To guarantee safe and efficient cleaning, the solutions are carefully selected based on the kind of stain and the carpet’s substance.

Removal of Spots & Stains

Carpet Stain RemovalProfessionals concentrate on treating specific stains and spots after pre-treatment. Food, drink, and pet stains, for example, could call for certain stain removers and approaches. They approach each stain meticulously, using the proper chemicals and occasionally lightly agitating the spot to lift it without harming the carpet fibres.

Hot Water Extraction (Steam Cleaning)

Hot water extraction, sometimes known as steam cleaning, is a popular and powerful cleaning technique. This process involves injecting hot water under high pressure into the carpet together with a cleaning solution. A strong vacuum then removes the water from the carpet along with the loosened dirt and stains. The cleaning solution works to break down soil and debris. This method thoroughly cleans the carpet and assists in getting most of the cleaning agent and dirt out of the fibres.

Agitation & Brushing

The carpet may be agitated using mechanical brushes or a rotary brush machine after the pre-treatment and stain removal. To ensure that the cleaning solution penetrates deeply to remove deeply ingrained dirt and stains, agitation helps spread the cleaning solution throughout the carpet fibres. This procedure increases the cleaning solution’s efficacy and gets the carpet ready for the upcoming extraction.


Extracting Water From Cleaned CarpetThe carpet is completely rinsed with hot water extraction or a rinse extraction machine after pre-treatment and agitation. This step is essential to remove any lingering debris and cleaning agent, leaving the carpet clean and residue-free. Restoring the pH balance of the carpet fibres through proper cleaning is another benefit.


Effective drying is necessary to avoid odours, mould, and mildew. To hasten the drying process, experts in carpet cleaning employ specialized tools like dehumidifiers and high-velocity air movers. To avoid potential health problems and preserve the integrity of the carpet, it’s crucial to dry the carpets completely.


Using a carpet rake or brush, the carpet is normally groomed once it has dried. By realigning the carpet fibres, grooming creates a consistent look. Additionally, it improves the carpet’s general appearance by assisting in the removal of any obvious vacuum marks.


A post-cleaning check is done once the carpet is fully dry. Professionals inspect the areas after cleaning them to check for any lingering stains, marks, or other problems. They can address any worries and make sure the customer is happy with the cleaning outcomes. Additionally, suggestions for preserving the longevity and cleanliness of the carpet could be given.

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Maintaining the appearance and longevity of your carpets requires a thorough understanding of the complexities of the carpet cleaning process.  By removing dirt, allergens, and stains on a regular basis, professional carpet cleaning revitalizes your carpets and creates a healthier indoor atmosphere. Therefore, investing in a professional carpet cleaning method is a choice that promises both short-term and long-term rewards if you want to improve the aesthetics and hygiene of your living areas.

Are you prepared to revitalize your carpets and create a cleaner, healthier living space? Contact us at Enviropure Home Services, the industry leader in carpet cleaning. Let’s transform your carpets with our careful and environmentally friendly carpet cleaning procedure. Make an appointment for carpet cleaning with us right away to discover the Enviropure difference.

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